Specializing in mobile outpatient therapy for the active and senior adult in the Tampa Bay area

What is the difference between home health therapy and mobile outpatient therapy?

Home health therapy is billed under Medicare Part A and you are required to be homebound. This means you can only leave your home with the assistance of another person and to certain places only. Recent insurance changes have also put limits on the number of therapy sessions you can receive under home health therapy. Mobile Outpatient therapy is billed under Medicare Part B. Momentum Rehabilitation is an approved Medicare part B provider. We can see our patients for a longer period of time if those services are medically necessary and required. The patients we work with do NOT have to be homebound like they do to receive home health services! Home health helps you thrive in your home whereas our goal is to help you thrive in the community (and in your home).

What are the advantages of mobile outpatient therapy coming to you?

There are many advantages to our mobile therapy services. You will get to spend 1 on 1 time with your therapist. You will cut down on travel time to/from the clinic, sitting in the waiting room, etc. You will get full attention in a private setting (your home) without the distractions that busy clinics can have. We focus on functional strengthening. At the time of transition to a home exercise program, you will feel more comfortable since you already completed those exercises with your therapist in your home.

Do you need a prescription from a MD for therapy services?

While the state of Florida does allow direct access, Medicare part B does still require our plans of care to be signed by the MD who provides you with a prescription for Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy services. By keeping them informed of your therapy progress, your primary care provider or specialist will have a better picture of your current state of mobility to help them make better recommendations for your overall health. If you have out of network benefits, we will give you a super bill you can use to submit to your insurance. The amount your insurance company might reimburse you depends on the plan you have. For wellness/fitness services you do not need MD orders. Contact us today to find out what services are best for you.

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is defined by the treatment of disease, injury, or deformity by physical methods such as exercise and activity rather than by drugs or surgery. Physical therapists are masters of movement and can help you unlock your body’s potential.  It takes about 7 years to become a Physical Therapist where we learn the ins and outs of how your body works and how it pertains to activity.  We are the only health profession that focuses purely on what happens when you move and how your body reacts to exercise.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is a type of therapy that focuses on helping people with their activities of daily living, commonly referred to as ADL’s. Oftentimes this will include education and therapeutic interventions regarding fine motor exercises, energy conservation techniques, modifications at home, incontinence therapy, and use of adaptive equipment. This helps make activities such as toileting, cooking, shopping, bathing, and dressing easier for individuals to complete on their own.

What is Wellness and preventative care?

Wellness is working to achieve good health and making decisions to pursue that goal. It is pursuing optimal functioning at all times. Our society often takes a reactive approach to healthcare – only seeking treatment once you become sick or injured. With our wellness services, we take a proactive approach and focus on maintaining your wellness and preserving it. Our wellness services help to focus on what can be done to decrease the negative effects of aging and comorbidities. It also helps to improve your chances of recovering if something bad should happen to you. By continually working on your balance, strength, flexibility, and overall function, you are taking a proactive role in aging and putting you on the right path to enjoy your next phase of life.

Why should everyone do some form of resistance training?

Consistent exercise is one of the greatest medicines you can take for your health. This is for preventable health issues or recovery from an actual health issue. For everyone (especially as we age), the selection of which exercises, quantity, progression, and modifications of those exercises is critical to avoid injury and receive the full benefits of the exercises. This is where Momentum Rehabilitation wellness services can play an important role – to help guide you through those decisions. Resistance training doesn’t mean just lifting big heavy weights. Light resistance exercises are shown to not only help your muscles but also your bones, joints, cardiovascular system, lymphatic system, and your mood.